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Powerpoint files from selected papers presented at the Fall 2014 DCHAS technical sessions can be found here.

DCHAS Awards Presentations

Decker its been a busy year. D. Decker

Keeping freshmen safe: A holistic approach to safety in undergraduate general chemistry. B. Enderle.

Planning accommodations for students with disabilities in chemistry teaching labs. J. Boval, S. Kennedy

Supporting and Facilitating Students and Workers with Disabilities in the Research and Teaching Laboratory

Creating a safe environment for service animals in teaching laboratories. D. Decker

Developing an inclusive environment for deaf A. Ross, S. Smith, T. Pagano
Accommodation_students with low vision S. Kennedy
3-Dimensional Printing as Means of Making Chemistry Accessible to Blind Students. D. Tantillo, H. Wedler

CHED Sustain-Mix

Safe Sustainable Laboratories: The DCHAS perspective R. Stuart

How Far We’ve Come: A Retrospective of Laboratory Safety Over the Decades

Decades and decades and decades of chemical safety: Where have we been and where are we going? J. Palmer

Environmental revolution of the 1970s: A paradigm shift. S. Sigmann

Communicating safety information. F. Wood-Black (Decker)

Laboratory safety and safety education: Past, present, future. R. Hill, Jr.

PPE: Outfitting UC’s laboratory heroes. K. Smith, E. Young

Laboratory incidents in the press: What do they tell us? R. Stuart

Greening Our Laboratories: How and Why?

Green chemistry is safe chemistry. D. Finster, S. Bradley, T. Goodwin

Green lab certification: Defining and incentivizing best practices. A. Batchelor, J. Tepe

Green labs self-assessment tool: Collaboratively developed, comprehensive and uniform. A. Doyle, A. Paradise

Cornell green labs: Engaging students. E. Sweet

Managing lab ventilation to balance safety and sustainability. R. Stuart, E. Sweet

Greening a modern multi-discipline research building in New York City. E. Talley

Recycling in teaching laboratories, easier than we thought. J. Emerson, A. Franz, C. Rosales

You can download the Fall 2014 Agenda book for the San Francisco DCHAS Executive Committee meeting here.

Complete CHAS agenda book fall 2014

00 Fall 2014 chas agenda

01 Chair’s Report


03 Secretary’s Report SF

04 Immediate Past Chair 2014

05 CHAS Councilor Report San Francisco Fall Meeting 2014

06 Workshops Committee report San Francisco 2014

07 CHAS programming 2014 SF

08 National Registry of Certified Chemists

09 JCHAS Editor’s Report

10 Corporate Associates Liasion

11 NTS Presentation

12 2015 Save the Date

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You can download the agenda book for the Executive Committee meeting in Dallas 

Lessons learned – to share. N. Langerman

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